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Demand for e-cigarettes have been on the rise, today more than ever before. However, buying vapor juice has always felt like a trial an error situation for most, simply because most vapor liquids come directly from China.

Along with the impending question about the quality of the vape juice being imported from China, the question of just how safe these juices really are has been a concern of many.

However, what is vaping juice and what is its relationship with an electronic/e cigarette?

First, an e-cigarette is a battery operated device which serves to provide nicotine to the user with certain flavors and some other chemicals in the form of vapor instead of smoke.

Cigarette smoking is the leading, preventable cause of sickness and mortality, which leads to 400,000 deaths in the United States every year. Aside from which, the worst health consequences are also associated with smoking involve the inhalation of tar and all other chemicals which is brought about by the combustion of tobacco.

Nicotine, a major component in vaping juice, is found in tobacco and is highly addictive and extremely hard to quit. The addictive nature of nicotine is one of the reasons why, vaping is extremely popular amongst smokers who want to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes mimic the act of smoking tobacco through the production of a flavored aerosol, which surprisingly looks and feels like tobacco smoke. It’s a much safer and less toxic alternative to our conventional cigarettes.


Equally as e-cigarette demands have risen, there is an increasing demand for a more personalized, high quality and well flavored e-liquid to be used in vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling the vapor produced  by E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes only produce vapor, which means that the users and others around does not need to worry about second-hand smoking.

So, how does Space Jam Juice fit into this equation of e-cigarettes and vaping?

Together with the increased demand for e-cigs comes the need to make the vaping experience a more personal, pleasurable and engaging one. Space Jam has undoubtedly produced a hand crafted premium e-liquid, which has been the most recognized e-juice brand to date.

Space Jam, founded in 2012, became an immediate hit and has sent Space Jam Juice into the orbit and around the globe. An e-liquid developed in a GMP and ISO certified lab in Southern California is available in various unique and creative flavors. Space Jam Juice comes in 15mL and 30mL bottles with a full range of nicotine strengths from 0 to 24mg. Fruit-flavored varieties, as well as, tasty dessert blends have been their winning mixes.

Indeed, Space Jam Juice has created the most ultimate vaping experience during a time when companies and vape users are experimenting with the most intricate flavors and effects. Space Jam Juice continues to live up to its name and has been blowing the minds of various vape users since they hit the market. Space Jam prides itself on the complexity and subtlety of their e-Liquids.

Here is a list of Some Space Jam Juice Flavors that you should always remember:

  1. Andromeda is the very first, and the original flavor made by the Space Jam Mix Master, consisting of a smooth blend of blueberries and pomegranate which makes it creamy, flavorful and somewhat sweet. You can actually feel the blueberry during inhalation giving you a well-balanced and delicate taste, wherein the sweetness intensifies as you exhale. Truly, an e-Liquid that is great for all day vaping.
  1. Astro is a uniquely refreshing blend of strawberries, apples with an undertone of a juicy peach. Comparably delicious like a piece of bubble gum.
  2. Eclipse is certainly not for hardcore tobacco enthusiasts since it composes of a mild, spicy and sweet flavor on the inhale.
  3. Galactica – It’s one of the newest Juices from Space Jam, which won’t overwhelm your taste buds with just a hint of that delicious sparkling champagne.

Space Jam Juice is innovators in the market who attracts and captivate their customer base by  providing them with the most flavorful vapor Liquid that gives off a fusion of fruity and truly unforgettable flavors.

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