Best E Juice Flavors For Vaping

The term vaping has become extremely popular within the last 12 years. Researchers and electronic cigarette users have both found that vaping, or the inhalation of e juice does not have any adverse side effects on heart health, which is an excellent reason to vape, rather than smoke. Dr. Konstantino Farsalinos also found, in his study, that e juice flavors are essential to helping smokers quit, which is one of the reasons why Space Jam Juice is one of the number one e cigarettes on the market.

What is Space Jam Juice?

Space Jam Juice is a revolutionary vape juice made from a fusion of e-liquid juice flavors. By combining some of the best e juice flavors on the market, Space Jam Juice has managed to create a few out-of-this world vape juices that has created an exciting twist in its market.  Their extensive selection of nostalgic flavors means that there is something for everybody and with a few new flavors, such as Parsec, Pulsar and Astro to be released, Space Jam Juice may even be flavorful enough to attract a few new vape users.

So, if you are interested in building a vybz by vaping, here are some of Space Jam Juice, top selling e juices:

Astro & Astro High VG

Astro juice is an exotic blend of granny smith apples and wild strawberry. While this flavor of Space Jam juice evokes a zesty aroma of apples when you inhale it, the tantalizing flavor of wild strawberries cap the full feeling and effect off when you exhale. This effective collision of flavors in the Astro juice blend is enough to keep you coming back and convert a first timer for life.

Pluto & Pluto High VG

Pluto is a flavor-infused blend of watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, bubble gum and the slightest, but most intoxicating hint of mint.  The incredible watermelon flavor is ideal for melon lovers; however, the subtle hint of bubble gum is enough to captivate anyone with a sweet tooth. While this chaotic blend of flavors may seem just a bit confusing and out-of-order, Pluto is the ideal fusion of some of the best e juice flavors around.


Parsec  vapor e juice is a tropical blend of ripe mangoes, tangy oranges and just the perfect hint of cream. This vaping e juice is a refreshing smoothie for those people who want a tropical getaway, but would prefer to do it from the comfort of their own home.


A simple, yet truly invigorating blend of wild cherry and ripe, freshly pressed limes takes vaping to a new high with Pulsar vape e juice from Space Jam. This intoxicating blend is ideal for a relaxed summer’s day on the porch.

Andromeda & Andromeda High VG

Andromeda is Space Jam’s original vape e juice, which is made from an exotic blend of tangy pomegranate and wild blueberries.  This fusion of juices, focuses on providing users with a subtle, yet flavorful twist on the humdrum mixed berry flavor blend you are used to.


Galactica is another unforgettable flavor from Space Jam Juice. This misty fusion of perfectly ripe strawberries and bubbly champagne is just the right match for anyone looking for a tantalizing fruity taste with a little bubbling effect of champagne when you exhale.


Eclipse is one of the most popular e juice flavors from Space Jam. This vape flavor is an incorporation of sweet vanilla custard and Cavendish tobacco. The tobacco taste of the Cavendish tobacco is the ultimate portion for those vapors who want the taste of cigar, without the overpowering aroma and taste of pure tobacco.

With so many tantalizing flavors and fusion of the most exotic fruits found on this planet, it’s no wonder why Space Jam Juice e juice flavors offer out of this world flavor, taste and experiences to vapors worldwide.

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